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Job Title Recuriting Number Work Experience Education Location More
Trader N+ 5+Y Bachelor or above Shanghai/Overseas +
Job Description:
1. Overseas market analysis and research
2. Market and customer development, sales plan outlining, bridging relationships with overseas steel products customers
3. Business reception and negotiation, providing solutions and products to customers, and bargain making
4. Management and implementation of contracts, providing after-sales service guarantees
5. Maintaining effective customer relationships, well-positioned to fulfill customers' needs, thus improving sales performance
6. Management of overseas steel factories and suppliers

Key Qualifications:
1. Bachelor degree or above, International trade, Finance, Metallurgy or related major
2. Minimum of 5 years of related working experience, comprehensive knowledge of international trade, possess customer resources
3. Good understanding of steel products and resources, understand the requirements and intricacies of the steel trade industry (experience in steel related industry is a must)
3. CET6 or above, excellent business English skills (verbal and written)
4. Proficiency in the use of computer office software
5. Strong desire to succeed, with strong work commitment, and a desire to promote relationships and teamwork
6. Excellent business negotiation, problem analysis and problem-solving abilities
7. Must be adaptable and able to work under pressure
CUMIC recruits trader for the long-term, from areas including North America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Asia, etc, are welcome to apply.
Trading Support 1 2+Y Bachelor or above Shanghai +
Job Description:
1. Assist traders in the production of trade contracts, to ensure the successful execution of transactions
2. Examination of  L/C considering company risks and requirements of buyers and sellers comprehensively
3. Following up the production schedule within the factory
4. Making and reviewing documents in accordance with the standards and specifications
5. To follow up, manage and coordinate documents presentation, collection of payment, and archival
6. Maintain positive and effective internal communications regarding all aspects of contract execution
7. Communicate with suppliers and customers actively, and provide good customer service
8. Accomplish other tasks assigned by superiors

Key Qualifications:
1. Bachelor degree or above, International trade, Spanish, Business English or related major
2. Minimum of 2 years of related working experience, good knowledge of UCP rules preferred
3. CET6 or above, basic professional English and excellent writing ability of business English correspondence
4. Proficiency in the use of computer office software
5. Excellent communication skills and negotiation ability; be meticulous and patient, service-oriented
6. Strong work commitment and be able to work under pressure
7. Strong learning ability and security awareness

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