• 【About CUMIC】What is the meaning of CUMIC?

    CUMIC = Customers Users Mills Integrated-services Channelized-cooperation

    We are dedicated to establishing top-quality marketing channels in collaboration with steel mills, and committed to providing the world's steel customers with a value-added international steel supply.

  • 【Career Development】What is CUMIC's training mechanism for new employees? What learning and training opportunities CUMIC provide?

    CUMIC is committed to developing world-class talent, believing that learning ability determines the competitiveness of enterprises and individuals' future, and continuously improving and innovating in the training and career development of employees. We assign experienced supervisors to guide your work, so that you are able to develop knowledge of the industry and the company, gradually becoming acquainted with business and colleagues; next you will have rotation practice on all profession modules with customized trans-department exchange, inner training courses, senior manager's regular retrospections and feedback to help you solidify your foundation and grow rapidly. CUMIC provides employees a platform to play their talents, provides a diverse career path. Meanwhile, CUMIC maintains management, specialist and innovation career paths in their respective functional areas, gradually increasing the difficulty of work, delving into the professional industry to become an expert in the field.

  • 【Salary&Benefits】What salary & benefits can get when joining CUMIC?

    In regard to salary, CUMIC is dedicated to creating high-professional talent, provides employees with the compensation that matches their personal contributions and links with the company's benefits, so that they can fully share the achievements of company's development. Regarding benefits, CUMIC provides solid social insurance, annual physical examination, annual leave, festival benefits, transportation subsidies, fitness subsidies, communication subsidies, marriage and birth gifts, hospitalization condolences, etc. We also provide various team building and outdoor activities to enrich their spiritual life, such as quarter themed activities, afternoon tea for monthly birthday parties, quarter department gathering, and ecstatic annual gala regularly. We have all the themes you can imagine and warmly welcome to join us to imagine these and beyond.

  • 【Recruitment Plan】What positions are being recruited in the 2019 Campus recruitment plan?

    The CUMIC 2019 Campus Recruitment has been comprehensively carried out! CUMIC is aiming to select a group of fresh graduates and trainees featuring high-end qualities, with high potential and spirits of honesty, service, wisdom and evolution all over the world, who will serve as the backbone to let CUMIC rapidly take the lead in the global steel trade and service. They will witness themselves consistently improve their business knowledge and professional skills in order to be a constituent of talent reserve and nurture international top talents, based on an all round customized individual development plan, progressive training system and rotation practice on all professional modules. Positions of this campus recruitment plan are as follows: International trade business trainees, Finance trainees, HR trainees, Europe Business Intern and trader assistant intern (foreign students). Welcome to join us!

  • 【Application Requirements】Which groups of candidates will be recruited in the 2019 Campus recruitment plan?

    2019 Fresh Graduates with a full-time bachelor degree or above, foreign students for internships are welcome too.

  • 【Application Requirements】Can I apply for more than one position?

    It's better to apply for only one position for every applicant. In the process of resume screening and interview, we will make overall arrangements according to the applicant's job intentions and competitive advantage.

  • 【Application Requirements】What about the language requirements in applying for international trade business related positions?

    We hope that the candidates are able to use English as a working language, and can express themselves clearly and flently. For foreign students or experienced foreigners in China, proficiency in Chinese is preferred.

  • 【Application Requirements】What candidates are more likely to pass the interview?

    We hope that candidates will have strong willingness, self-development and enterprising spirit, have interest in the company's industry and a basic professional background. At the same time, we are primarily focused on team spirit, cross-cultural thinking and the overall communication quality of candidates.

  • 【Hiring Process】What steps does the whole recruitment process include?

    Generally divided into the following steps: Resume submission—>Telephone Screening —> Interview —>Professional Test —>Online Assessment—>Offer. There may be minor adjustments in different positions, which is subject to HR's further notice.

  • 【Internship】Can CUMIC allow for an internship if I get an offer for the 2019 campus recruitment?

    CUMIC welcomes students who have received offers for internship in advance, although the prospect of the internship depends on the student's schedule and the company's situation. At that time, there will be appropriate staff to communicate with you.

  • 【Internship】Would there be any chance for interns be formally retained?

    If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student who will about to graduated from college with an excellent performance of internship and are willing to stay in CUMIC, you will be recommended by your supervisor and will submit an application to the HR department. CUMIC will arrange a formal interview process and once passed you can be officially hired.

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