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Singapore Mandai Rejuvenation Project

Singapore Mandai Rejuvenation Project

Singapore Mandai Rejuvenation Project

Product: Hot Rolled Steel Plate S275JR/S355JR

Quantity: 1071.069MT

Location: Singapore


Project Story

In April 2021, CUMIC has supplied a total of over 1,071 MT of S275JR & S355JR hot rolled alloy steel plates from MINMETALS YINGKOU MEDIUM PLATE CO., LTD to Singapore's Mandai Nature Precinct. All steel plates will be used in the construction of structures for the new attractions in the Mandai Rejuvenation Project.

First announced by Mandai Park Holdings and managed by Mandai Park Development, the Mandai Rejuvenation Project is an ambitious and creative five-year project that aims to create an integrated nature and wildlife destination, nestled within the bustling city for all Singaporeans and tourists to enjoy. In addition to the existing three major wildlife attractions, the plan also included the development of a relocated Bird Park, a Rainforest Park, an indoor nature-themed education centre, and an Eco-resort as complementary. The 611 tons of S275JR and 460 tons of S355JR alloy steel plates supplied by CUMIC will be used in this mega-attraction.


source: Mandai Park Holdings (MPH)

As the most popular material on construction sites worldwide, hot rolled steel plates are used to support large buildings due to their high strength and durability properties, and the batch of S275JR & S355JR hot rolled alloy steel plates CUMIC supplied are perfect for this project thanks to the following characteristics:

  • Good impact resistance to support the building structure

  • With Excellent weldability, no special process measures are required during welding, thereby reducing operational difficulties

  • The added chromium element enhances the corrosion resistance of the material, making it suitable for local humid climates

At the same time, as an eco-park with sustainability as its vision, Mandai Park Development adhered to a Green Procurement Policy in the implementation of the Rejuvenation Project, which includes the principle of useful life extension. After its completion in 2023, the 126-hectare eco-tourism hub is expected to attract more than 10 million visitors each year, as well as create a large number of job vacancies in the conservation research, tourism and hospitality sector. With its high strength, durability and recyclability, steel will contribute to sustainable innovation in the global construction industry.