CUMIC Steel offers extensive types of quality steel products with reasonable steel prices for your industry. We have earned our reputation through consistent performance in quality products, professional expertise, competitive prices, prompt delivery, as well as a series of value-added services like quality control, financial services, after-sale services, etc. All in all, CUMIC is a professional steel products supplier.
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CUMIC Steel, a steel solutions company, has been supplying different types of high quality steel materials for a diverse range of industries, in which the following ones are in particular our specialty. With our expertise and steel know-how, we can offer the best quality steel solutions for all your industrial needs.
  • Automotive

    With over 80 million tonnes of steel are used in the automotive industry on an annual basis. CUMIC can be your guide to pick the right grade and supplier for all your automotive steel needs.

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  • Mining

    Due to the nature of mining, parts, and tools need to be frequently replaced. CUMIC can help you choose which steels are best suited for your mining needs.

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  • Energy

    The energy sector involving a wide range of steels from structural steel to special steels. CUMIC can help source the steel you need for your energy project.

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  • Marine Engineering

    Approximately 90% of all goods are transported via sea making ships one of the most important vehicles in our global economy. CUMIC can steer you towards the best suppliers for your ocean engineering needs.

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    Marine Engineering
  • Machinery and Engineering

    Favoured for its durability, recyclability, and its versatility, steel is the choice material for a range of machinery and engineering. CUMIC can help you choose which steels are best suited for your needs.

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    Machinery and Engineering
  • Tool and Molding

    Steel used in tools and for molding are a group of steels with a range of other metal add-ins that make these steels much more resistant. CUMIC can help you source any steel you need for your tooling and molding.

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    Tool and Molding
  • Home Appliance

    From televisions, to washing machines, steel is found in a wide range of home appliances. CUMIC can help you find the steel you need for any part you might need for your home appliance needs.

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    Home Appliance
  • Construction

    Due to its strength and affordability, steel is the ideal material for commercial and residential structures. CUMIC's range of products can be found in a number of buildings around the world.

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