Hot Rolled Steel Plate

Hot Rolled Steel Plate

  • Hot Rolled Steel Plate

Overview of Hot Rolled Steel Plate

Hot rolling is a metal forming method that involves rolling the steel at a high-temperature that rises above its recrystallization temperature. A hot rolled steel plate with a competitive price is a piece of steel in a flattened form. Hot rolled steel plates are usually rolled from steel billets or slabs, and they are manufactured in a broad spectrum of sizes for many different applications in multiple industries such as manufacturing, construction, pressure vessels, and other applications where they are used structurally. They are known for their exceptional strength and toughness, which makes them one of the most commonly utilized steel products in several sectors.

Features of Hot Rolled Steel Plate

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    Compared with sheets or coils, hot rolled steel plates are known for their outstanding flatness, mechanical properties, and superior performances when it comes to strength, fabricability, toughness, etc.

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    Hot rolled steel sheets can be further processed by heat treatment in order to improve their mechanical properties.

Parameter of Hot Rolled Steel Plate


JIS / EN / ASTM / GB Standard


SS400/SM490A/B/YA,   SPV235/315/355, SEV245/295/345

SB410/450/480, SGV410/450/480




S460Q/QL/QL1, S500Q/QL/QL1,   S550Q/QL/QL1,S620Q/QL/QL1,S690Q/QL/QL1

P275NH, P355N/NH,P500Q/QH/QL1/QL2

20MnMoNi45, 13Cr Mosi5-5,   11MnNi5-3,13MnNi6-3, S235J0W/J2W, S355J0W/J2/K2W etc.

A36,A572 Gr.50,A283Gr.C, ASTM A515Gr.60/65/70

ASTM A516Gr.60/65/70(HIC), ASTM A709Gr.   ASTM A533 Gr.A/B/C/D


ASTM A299 Gr.A/B,ASTM   A285Gr.A/B/C,ASTM A537Cl.1/Cl.2/Cl.3

ASTM A588Gr.A/B/C/K. ASTM   A573Gr.58/65/70 etc. P355N/NH, P500Q/QH/QL1/QL2,20MnMoNi45, 13Cr Mosi5-5,   11MnNi5-3,13MnNi6-3, S235J0W/J2W,S355J0W/J2/K2W   etc.A/B/D/E,A32/D32/E32/F32,A36/D36/E36/F36,A40/D40/E40/F40,


API 5L Gr.B,X42/X46/X52/X56/X60/X65/X70/X80/X100

NVA420/D420/E420,NVA460/D460/E460,NVA500/D500/E500,NVA550,D550/E550   etc.



Size 1 Thickness: 4.5mm—250mm Width:   1000-3500mm Length: 4000-19000

Size 2 Thickness: 10mm—150mm Width:   1500-4500mm Length: 4000-19000

Size 3 Thickness: 8.0mm—700mm Width:   1500-3500mm Length: 4000-19000

Delivery Condition

AR / CR / TMCP / N / N+T / Q+T

UT Test

JIS / EN / ASTM / GB Standard

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