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Home Appliance

Steel in Home Appliance

Home Appliance

Almost all steel appliances were recycled.

75% of the weight of typical household appliances consists of steel, of which 25 percentage points of this comes from recycled steel.

Our quality of life has been unarguably becoming more comfortable thanks to the improved technology and design in home appliances. In recent years, the home appliance industry has been experiencing flourishing development, and consumers' increasing demand for home appliances has cultivated some significant business opportunities, one of them being the popularity of steel, especially stainless steel usage in home appliances. Home appliance products require affordability, durability, functionality, corrosion resistance, sturdiness, aesthetics, and safety, while various steel products can meet these requirements perfectly.

Apart from superior practical purposes, steel is also coming back strong for its stylish retro look that fits the high-end professional style in the current trend of interior design. The smooth, matte finish makes a sleek and expensive appearance while its non-porous surface is resistant to bacterial growth, adding to its overall appeal.

More importantly, steel is also utilized to reduce costs for appliance manufactures as well as consumers. Appliance recycling has been continuously improving. In fact, home appliances have become one of the most recycled commodities in the world, and appliance manufacturers have become more aware of steel's place in the recycling infrastructure. Recent studies show that manufacturers are increasing the steel content in appliances to ensure that future appliances will head to the recycling stream when they reach the end of their useful lives. As climate change is becoming a primary concern for more and more people in today's world, steel appliances provide environment-aware consumers with a sustainable solution when making purchasing decisions.

CUMIC provides a wide range of quality steel products, including P&O, cold-rolled coils, GI/GA, Galvalume, EG(electro-galvanized steel), bake hardening steel, PCM/VCM steel, and so on for home appliances.


CUMIC has provided a wide variety of well-established steel service centers and end-users in the appliance sector with reliable steel products for over a decade. We have established long-term cooperative relations with more than 200 steel mills to ensure these products are fabricated using quality material and are in line with various international standards.

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