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Machinery and Engineering

Steel in Machinery and Engineering

Machinery and Engineering

Some industries are made of steel. The world of mechanical engineering is one of them. 

If a product is not made of steel, the chances are that it will be made from a machine made of steel.

Favoured for its strength, durability, cost-efficiency, remanufacture-friendly, and versatility, steel is the most commonly used material in the mechanical engineering industry. It is a fundamental resource for the construction of practically all types of machinery, industrial equipment as well as vehicles.

Machinery engineering involves manufacturing various kinds of machinery and equipment used in agriculture, mining, construction, or manufacturing. In construction, steel is mainly used to manufacture heavy equipment used on construction sites, such as cranes, excavators, drills, bulldozers, trenchers, loaders, and scaffolding. In agriculture, from cultivating land and planting to watering, harvesting, storing, and transporting crops, steel is the choice material that makes agriculture easier and more efficient. In addition, the machines and equipment that process what we eat and drink are also built with steel.

CUMIC provides a variety of special steel, applicable for machinery engineering sectors including but not limited to pin, piston, track shoe, track roller, carrier roller, idle gear, machine bushing, tighten spring, link, hydraulic cylinder, etc. CUMIC can steer you towards the best solutions that your machinery and engineering needs.


Over the years, we have never stopped dedicating ourselves to offer superior products and services for our customers. With our steel know-how as well as end-user expertise, we are convinced to provide a wide range of premium quality steel products to any performance requirement in the machinery industry. With long-lasting collaborative relations with over a couple of hundred steel mills and multiple globally known third-party quality control organizations, CUMIC is your trusted partner.


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