Vision & Values

Vision & Values

| Our Vision

We aspire to be the value-leading steel provider in the global steel integrated supply chain 

with exceptional services, sustainable solutions, and a global perspective.



Our vision is to offer a first-class value proposition in a global context, with sustained contributions to the industry, to serve the best interest of our customers, mills, partners, shareholders, and employees. 


We pursue our vision by implementing a global business strategy. Externally, we seek to expand our global service network with world-leading service standards; Internally, we believe in a diverse and inclusive culture that adapts to our transnational environment and encourages innovation.

Value chain

Revolving around steel mills, customers, and users, global steel trading is our core service, but we strive to offer much more, to explore areas such as raw materials extraction, steel production, steel processing, steel-consuming, and scrap recycling.

Integrated service

We aim to be an integrated steel service provider that employs a suite of value-added services including finance and logistics, processing and stocking, investment, and other all-in-one innovative services to our growing customer base worldwide.

| Our Values

CUMIC is an international steel trade service provider known for being professional and trustworthy. The way we work internally and externally are based on the following values:



Treat each other with integrity not only internally but also externally. Keep faith in the spirit of contract and company loyalty. Integrity is the foundation of trust, and trust is the foundation of everything.


Always work with a heartfelt spirit of service and excellent professionalism. Be pragmatic, efficient, and responsible. Create unique value for teams and partners.


In a culture that highly values intelligence and wisdom, we encourage our employees to develop in-depth thinking skills and unique perspectives about things with an optimistic and inclusive mindset. Know ourselves and know others; Never stop reaching for excellence and innovation using wisdom.


Evolution is a positive and progressive spirit. It is an act of striving for growth, innovation, and excellence. Evolution is not only necessary for the teams' growth, but also for the company's sustainable development.