Finished Steel Products

Finished Steel Products

Finished steel products, also known as steel made products, refer to a series of products further processed from steel, including flanges, pipe fittings, valves, steel wires, steel strands, steel gratings, etc. Taking forged steel flanges as an example, they are further produced from hot-rolled steel plates by a specific process. These types of steel products inherit the main characteristics of steel, such as high-cost performance, recyclability, and high strength. Owing to these favorable characteristics, finished steels products are available in a broad spectrum of applications.

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Types of Finished Steel Products

  • Forged Carbon Steel Flange
    The steel flange is a kind of steel ring, which could be forged or casted. It is designed to mechanically connect the part of a pipe to another pipe or a pressure vessel, pump, valve, or any other device.
    Forged Carbon Steel Flange
  • Steel Grating
    Steel gratings are sorts of finished steel products formed with welding rectangular bearing rods and crossbars, where the welding method provides a reliable fusion of crossbars and bearing rods.
    Steel Grating
  • Carbon Steel Fittings
    Steel fittings are the general name of the parts and components in the pipeline system that plays the role of connection, control, direction change, diverting, sealing, and supporting.
    Carbon Steel Fittings
  • Steel PC Strand
    Steel PC strand, also known as prestressed steel strand, refers to a kind of steel made product composed of strands of steel wire. Different layers can be added on its surface to meet various uses.
    Steel PC Strand
  • Steel Wire
    Steel wires are types of a beneficial and versatile materials that can be found in many things we use at home every day. In the production process, they can be manufactured into different levels of strengths and elasticity.
    Steel Wire
  • Steel Strapping
    The steel strap is a kind of narrow and long steel sheet. It is an ideal material for reinforcing large goods and industrial products.
    Steel Strapping

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Advantages of Finished Steel Products

Over the years, we have created long-lasting collaborative relations with hundreds of steel mills to ascertain our finished steel products are made of superior quality materials and are in accordance with numerous standards. It is through these relationships that we can guarantee, with confidence, the finished steel products we deliver processes high strength, high-cost performance, and long lifespan.

Product Range of Finished Steel Products

At CUMIC Steel, we supply an extensive range of finished steel products that can be adapted for many different uses. Our product range includes steel flange, steel grating, steel sittings, steel wire, steel PC strand, steel strap with different commercial grades, and international standards.

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