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Steel in Mining


Steel and mining go together like cookies and cream, only maybe not quite so sweet! 

In the severe conditions of a mine, steel is the best material suited for the mining industry.

Steel is commonly used throughout the mining industry and has been developed to have high wear, fatigue resistance, and high strength. With high tensile strength and high wear resistance, steel equipment can be used multiple times in mining without material depreciation. Stainless steel is particularly useful for mining, as it is lighter, cheaper, and easier to manufacture than other materials with the same level of strength. Additionally, other characteristics, including corrosion resistance, easiness to clean, high durability, as well as sustainability, all make steel an ideal material for applications in the mining industry.

The requirements for steel used in mining applications are not only unique but also challenging, but in the tough conditions of a mine, steel is a perfectly reliable material that can perform as needed. Most of the mining infrastructure is created using structural steel and stainless steel. Top hammers, tools, demolition equipment, drill rigs, mining support equipment, grinding media, mining screens, fluidized bed boilers, pumps, heat exchangers, as well as heavy mining machinery such as mass excavators, bulldozers, shovels, and crushers all rely on the material properties of steel. In addition, steel also has significant cost advantages compared with other materials.

CUMIC provides a wide range of quality steel types such as hot rolled coils, hot rolled sheets, hot rolled plates, and a variety of special steel, applicable for the mining industry including but not limited to abrasion-resistant steel, grinding ball, grinding bar, and mining chain. We strive to provide mining equipment steel with the highest attention paid to exceeding the industry's most stringent standards, focusing on wear-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and impact-resistant steel products for your needs.

CUMIC, a high strength steel supplier, has provided a wide variety of well-established steel service centers and end-users in the mining industry with quality steel products for over a decade. We have established long-term cooperative relations with more than 200 steel mills to ensure these products are fabricated using quality material and are in line with various international standards.

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