Experience Professionals

Experience Professionals

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    Steel Trader N+ 5+Y Bachelor or above Southeast Asia, Middle East, South Asia, Europe, Africa, Central and South America, East Asia +


    Our vacancy for steel trader is always open to those who possess regional customer bases or regional mill sources and wish to hereby become a great trader in the steel industry. Confident to provide you with top-quality steel products and a professional supporting team, CUMIC will definitely be your strong backing to pursue a successful career as well as your self-actualization.

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Market and customer base development, sales plan implementation and achieving sales targets

    2. Business reception and negotiation, providing steel products and solutions to customers, confirming logistics and supply plans

    3. Manage and implement sales contracts and provide after-sales service

    4. Confirm capital requirement and payment

    5. Maintain effective partnerships with customers, well-positioned to fulfill customer needs, improve sales performance and achieve sustained growth

    6. Manage overseas steel mills and suppliers, and actively promote high-quality mill resources

    Key Qualifications:

    1. Bachelor's degree or above, international trade, Finance, Metallurgy background preferred

    2. Familiar with the regional steel market, possessing regional customer bases or regional mill sources

    3. Wish to seek steel resources from China as well as the globe

    4. Experienced in negotiating and concluding a deal with customers

    5. Excellent conflict management, problem analysis, and problem-solving skills

    6. Must be adaptable and able to work under pressure, enjoy traveling