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Experience Professionals

Experience Professionals

  • Job Title Recuriting Number Work Experience Education Location MORE
    Senior Trade Manager N+ 5+Y Bachelor or above Shanghai/Oversea +

    Our vacancy of Senior Trade Manager is always open to those who possess regional customer bases or regional mill sources and wish to hereby become a great trader in the steel industry. Confident to provide you with top-quality steel products and a professional supporting team, CUMIC will definitely be your strong backing to pursue a successful career as well as your self-actualization. 

    You are exactly whom we want if you,

    1.     Familiar with the regional steel market, possessing regional customer bases or regional mill sources;

    2.     Experienced in negotiating and concluding a deal with your customers;

    3.     Have a clear plan to develop and maintain your business;

    4.     Wish to seek steel resources from China as well as the globe;

    5.     Ambitious in career development and self-actualization, able to work in a rapidly changing and developing environment;

    6.     Support the idea of service, both for your customers and your colleagues.