Working at CUMIC

Working at CUMIC


CUMIC is dedicated to creating a communicative, innovative and motivated team with close cooperation and professional efficiency. "Integrity, Service, Wisdom, and Evolution" are the core values of everyone who works at CUMIC. We treat everyone and everything around us whole-heartedly. We strive for value-led external services and internal collaboration.


A good working environment is a cornerstone of ensuring every employee's work efficiency and healthy growth. We are dedicated to creating a convenient, warm, and comfortable office environment, as well as a harmonious, positive, caring, and helpful human atmosphere. We pursue leading professionals across various fields to help employees grow steadily in the context of an international environment.

Career Development

CUMIC is committed to developing world-class talent, believing that learning ability determines the competitiveness of enterprises' and individuals' futures, and we continuously improve and innovate in the training and career development of employees. We assign experienced supervisors to guide your work so that you are able to develop knowledge of the industry and the company, gradually becoming acquainted with business and colleagues; next, you will undertake rotation practices on all profession with a customized trans-department exchange, inner training courses, senior manager's regular retrospections and feedback to help you solidify your foundation and grow rapidly.

CUMIC provides employees with a platform to play their talents, offering them diverse career paths. Meanwhile, CUMIC offers multiple career paths including management, specialist, and innovation in their respective functional areas, gradually increasing the difficulty of work, guiding you delve into the professional industry, and become an expert in the field.