Cold Rolled Steel

Cold Rolled Steel

In essence, cold rolled steel can be regarded as hot rolled steel that has undergone further processing. The hot rolled steel is further processed in cold reduction mills, where the hot rolled steel gets cooled down at room temperature, followed by a series of annealing and/or tempers rolling. Compared with their hot rolled counterparts, cold rolled steel products are able to provide a superior surface finish and are also better in terms of tolerance, concentricity, as well as straightness. As the cold rolled steel supplier, Cumic Steel (professional steel supplier) is engaged in high quality cold rolled steel with competitive price. We provide cold rolled steel china. Don’t hesitate to contact us,!

Types of Cold Rolled Steel

  • Cold Rolled Steel Coil
    Cold Rolled Steel is a type of steel that has been passed through a rolling mill below its recrystallization temperature from 400℃ to 700℃.
    Cold Rolled Steel Coil

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Performance Specification of Cold Rolled Steel Products

Cold rolled steel products have good performance, i.e. through cold rolling, you can get cold rolled strip and steel plate with thinner thickness and higher precision, high straightness, high surface finish, clean and bright surface of cold rolled sheet products, easy to carry out coating processing, many varieties, wide application, and also has the characteristics of high stamping performance and no aging, low yield point, so cold rolled sheet has a wide range of applications, mainly used in automotive, printing barrel, construction, building materials It is also the best material for the production of organic coated steel.

Details of Cold Rolled Sheet 

Cold rolled sheet is a product made from hot rolled coil and rolled at room temperature below recrystallization temperature. It is mostly used in automobile manufacturing, electrical products, etc. Cold rolled is rolled at recrystallization temperature, but it is generally understood to be rolled using room temperature rolled material.

Because it is not annealed, its hardness is very high (HRB > 90) and its mechanical processing performance is extremely poor, and it can only be processed by simple directional bending of less than 90 degrees (perpendicular to the coiling direction).

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Application of Cold Rolled Sheet 

Cold rolled sheet is used in a wide range of applications, such as automobile manufacturing, electrical products, rolling stock, aviation, precision instrumentation, food cans, etc. Cold rolled thin steel sheet is the abbreviation of cold rolled sheet of ordinary carbon structural steel, also known as cold rolled sheet, commonly known as cold plate, which is sometimes misspelled as cold-rolled sheet. Cold plate is made from hot-rolled steel strip of ordinary carbon structural steel, which is further cold-rolled to a thickness of less than 4mm. Since it is rolled at room temperature without producing iron oxide, the cold plate has good surface quality and high dimensional accuracy, and with the annealing treatment, its mechanical properties and process properties are better than those of hot rolled thin steel plates, and it has been gradually used to replace hot rolled thin steel plates in many fields, especially in the field of home appliance manufacturing.

Production Process of Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Metal

1. Since the production process is not heated, there are no defects such as pitting and iron oxide that often occur in hot-rolled, and the surface quality is good and the finish is high. Moreover, the dimensional accuracy of cold rolled products is high, and the performance and organization of the products can meet some special requirements, such as electromagnetic performance, deep punching performance, etc.

2.Specification: Minimum thickness is 0.2-4mm, width is 600-2,000mm, length of steel plate is 1,200-6,000mm.

3. Grades: Q195A-Q235A, Q195AF-Q235AF, Q295A(B)-Q345 A(B); SPCC, SPCD, SPCE, ST12-15; DC01-06

4. Performance: Mainly low carbon steel grades are used, requiring good cold-forming and welding properties, as well as certain stamping properties.

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