Marine Engineering

Steel in Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering

Approximately 90% of all goods are transported via sea, making ships one of the most important vehicles in our global economy.

It is estimated that there are 17 million containers of varying types made up the worldwide container fleet, most of which are made of steel.


As a vital material for the ocean engineering sector, steel plays a crucial role in transportation, shipbuilding as well as marine engineering. However, marine environments can be very demanding on steel materials in these areas as all activities must be very safe and reliable under extremely severe climates and environments.

Uses of Steel in Shipbuilding

Modern shipbuilding steel plate is well suited for the manufacturing of boats, ships, marine vessels, and other structures, as it is light in weight, high in tensile strength, and better in corrosion resistance than any other traditional shipbuilding steel plate, making it much better for more efficient construction. Most of the offshore and marine structures are created using carbon and alloy steel plates. Ship hulls, upper decks, bulkheads, anchor chains, bulk carriers, as well as container ships all rely on the material properties of these shipbuilding steels.

Uses of Steel in Marine Engineering Projects

In addition to this, steels also play a decisive role in marine engineering projects, and they can be found everywhere as they involve offshore oil platforms, piers, and vessels. Steel with alloying elements enhanced its durability as well as anti-rust and anti-corrosion capability. Structures last longer when made from special steels grade, and they can resist the corrosion that is often found in other steel or alternative materials.

CUMIC Solutions for Marine Engineering Industry                                                                

CUMIC provides a wide range of quality shipbuilding and marine engineering steel types such as steel plates, steel sections, and a variety of special steels, applicable for shipbuilding, drill pipe, anchor chain, offshore oil platform, etc. We strive to provide marine and offshore steel under the most stringent approval of the production methods of classification societies in different countries, focusing on resistance to marine corrosion steel products for your needs.


CUMIC has provided a wide variety of well-established steel service centers and end-users in the ocean engineering sector with reliable steel products for over a decade. We have established long-term cooperative relations with hundreds of mills to ensure these products are fabricated using premium material and are in sync with various international standards.

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