Steel Square Bar

Steel Square Bar

Square bars refer to a type of steel bar that find uses in various uses when the properties of lightweight and corrosion resistance are required. They can be easily cut, welded, and formed based on proper equipment. These types of steel are basic materials for building structures, such as ductwork, framework, fences, braces, gate latches, etc.

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Types of Steel Square Bar

  • Low Alloy Structural Steel
    Low-alloy structural steels refer to the types of alloy steels with a small amount of alloy elements less than 3%, which includes many standards and proprietary grades designed to provide a specific combination of required characteristics.
    Low Alloy Structural Steel
  • Alloy Structural Steel
    Alloy structural steel are the type of steels formed by adding different proportions of alloying elements like manganese, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, vanadium.
    Alloy Structural Steel
  • Free Cutting Non-Quenched & Tempered Steel
    Free-cutting steels are the type of steels made by alloying with additional free-cutting elements such as sulfur, lead, bismuth, phosphorus, selenium, and tellurium.
    Free Cutting Non-Quenched & Tempered Steel

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Product Range of Steel Square Bar

At CUMIC Steel, we supply a wide range of steel square bars for a variety of applications. A major part of our squared bars come in both hot rolled and forged condition that is in sync with different commercial grades and international standards. All our square steel bars are available in structural steel, stainless steel, engineering steel grades. We have always been working with well-established steel mills to provide high-quality steel square bars for our customers. 

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