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Hot Rolled Steel

Hot Rolled Steel

Hot-rolling refers to a metalworking process in which the steel is rolled at above recrystallization temperature (usually exceeds 1000℉). Being heated past its recrystallization point, the steel can be properly formed, shaped, and produced in larger quantities. After being cooled at room temperature, the steel is normalized and cooled off, becoming a finished hot rolled steel product. Hot rolled steel for sale not only has excellent strength and versatility but also is a cost-effective material than comparing with cold rolled steel. Different types of hot rolled steel with competitive price are produced by Cumic Steel (professional steel supplier)  to meet the demands of clients.

Types of Hot Rolled Steel

  • Hot Rolled Steel Plate
    Hot rolling is a metal forming method that involves rolling the steel at a high-temperature rise above steel's recrystallization temperature.
    Hot Rolled Steel Plate
  • Hot Rolled Steel Coil
    Hot rolled steel coils are hot rolled steel made into relatively thin flat pieces and wound up into coils, resembling a wound steel strip.
    Hot Rolled Steel Coil
  • Hot Rolled Steel Sheet
    Hot rolled steel sheets are hot rolled steel made into relatively thin flat pieces. Hot rolled steel sheets are widely used in applications like home appliances.
    Hot Rolled Steel Sheet
  • Hot Rolled Checkered Coil
    Hot rolled checkered coils are a type of hot rolled steel coils with rhombic (tear drop) shapes on its surface. Because of the rhombic patterns, the surface of the plates is rough.
    Hot Rolled Checkered Coil
  • H-Beam Steel
    H-beam steel is a type of structural steel beam. It is named H-beam steel because of the capital H shape over its cross section with equal thickness in the two parallel flanges with no taper on the inside surface.
    H-Beam Steel
  • Angle Steel
    Formed by bending a single angle in a steel piece, angle steel is the most basic type of roll-formed steel. angle steel is ‘L’ shaped, usually bent at a 90° angle.
    Angle Steel
  • U-Channel Steel
    U-Channel steel is rolled from steel sheet into U shapes. A piece of U-Channel steel consists of a wide "web" and two flanges. The flanges can either be parallel or tapered in shape.
    U-Channel Steel
  • UPN/UPE Steel
    UPN or UNP is the short form that represents standardized stainless steel channels. UPN is often used in multiple kinds of industrial applications such as construction and machinery.
    UPN/UPE Steel
  • IPEAA Steel
    IPEAA steel refers to a type of structural steel beam made of rolled steel with an “I” shape. IPAA steel has good plasticity, toughness, machinability, and weldability.
    IPEAA Steel
  • Wire Rod Steel
    Wire rod steel refers to a type of semi-finished long steel product manufactured by hot rolling billets on continuously rolling mills. It is characterized by having a round cross-section.
    Wire Rod Steel
  • Rebar Steel
    Rebar, also frequently referred to as reinforcing steel or reinforcement steel, is a type of steel bar or mesh of steel wires used as a tension device in reinforced concrete and masonry structures to strengthen the concrete under tension.
    Rebar Steel

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