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Carbon Steel Fittings

Carbon Steel Fittings

  • Carbon Steel Fittings

Overview of Carbon Steel Fittings

Steel fittings are the general name of the parts and components in the pipeline system that plays the role of connection, control, direction change, diverting, sealing, and supporting. CUMIC range of carbon steel pipe fittings are available in elbow, reducing tee, straight tee, cross, coupling, reducer, cap, union, hex head plug, and hex head bushing.

Features of Carbon Steel Fittings

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    Steel fittings are easy to install, replace, and modificate.

  • 2

    Steel fittings offer cost optimization at the value chain.

Parameter of Carbon Steel Fittings


ASME/ANSI B16.5/16.9/16.11/16.25/36.10/36.19,
JIS B 2311/2312/ 2313/2316,
BS&MSS SP-25/43/ 44/75/79/83/87/95/97,
EN 10253-11999


ASTM A234 WPB/ WP1/WP5 /WP9/WP11/WP22/WP91,
MSS-SP-75 WPHY 42 /46/52/ 56/60/65/70, ASTM A420 WPL3/6,
A403 WP


Seamless, Welded


1/2"-48" (DN 15-1200)

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