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Low Alloy Structural Steel

Low Alloy Structural Steel

  • Low Alloy Structural Steel

Overview of Low Alloy Structural Steel

Low-alloy structural steels refer to the types of alloy steels with a small amount of alloy elements less than 3%, which includes many standards and proprietary grades designed to provide a specific combination of required characteristics, such as toughness strength, formability, weldability, and atmospheric corrosion resistance.

Features of Low Alloy Structural Steel

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    Higher strength: Because the strength of low alloy structural steel is much higher than that of the same carbon steel, it is also known as low alloy high strength steel.

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    Enhanced mechanical properties: low-alloy structural steels are known for their better mechanical properties and atmospheric corrosion resistance alternative to conventional carbon steel

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    Favorable cutting and welding performance: low alloy structural steel can withstand the stress effects of alternating fatigue loads and can hold out against the processing procedures in the production.

Parameter of Low Alloy Structural Steel




SS400, S355JR, S355J0, S355J2

Q345A-Q345E, Q460C etc.

Delivery Condition

U / N / A / S / FP / AC / QT / EFS


Round / Square / Flat / Hexagon

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