2020 CUMIC Annual Gala: Build the Future with Service+

2020 CUMIC Annual Gala: Build the Future with Service+

On January 18, the 2020 CUMIC Annual Gala was successfully held in The Kunlun Jingan Hotel, Shanghai. Colleagues from home and abroad as well as some business partners of CUMIC were gathered for this momentous occasion.

"Build the Future with Service+" was the theme of this year's gala. Since our establishment, CUMIC has been committed to providing high-quality services to customers and steel mills, using steel as the basis and conduit by which we sell our true product: service. We have established top-quality, extremely dependable, and stable international marketing channels in collaboration with steel mills; allowing us to provide the world's steel customers with highly reliable, value-added, and creative solutions to international steel supply.

During the meeting, James Qian, Chairman and General Manager of CUMIC delivered an annual report which reviewed CUMIC's achievements during 2019. James also formulated plans and expressed hopes and goals for 2020, and introduced the contents of a strategic plan from now till 2023. After the report, colleagues with extraordinary performance in 2019 were honored by the chief leaders of CUMIC during our awarding ceremony.

"CUMIC Brainstorming" has become the signature event of the CUMIC annual gala. All attendees are divided into six groups to discuss three topics: "How to better serve customers?", "How to better serve steel mills/suppliers”, "How to better serve internal teams?". During the discussion, every group presented their understanding of "service" and displayed their creativity through small sketches in combination with cases from their daily work—the result was quite impressive.

The evening gala was enlivened by dancing, singing, standup comedy, spoken word, violin playing, and other brilliant performances, which were met with enthusiastic applause and cheers. Together with the prize draw our gala aroused round after round of great excitement in the audience.

Colleagues during the meeting expressed their commitment to work hard in 2020 while providing better service to customers, steel mills, and our internal teams. Let's seize the day (Carpe Diem), live life to the fullest, and greet the arrival of the year 2020 together!

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