2021 CUMIC Annual Gala: Build the Future with Integrity+

2021 CUMIC Annual Gala: Build the Future with Integrity+

Due to safety concerns, CUMIC 2021 annual gala took place at a very special venue - our head office in Shanghai! With action-packed fun events at such a cozy and intimate place like home, this is bound to be a different yet memorable new year celebration.

While "Build the Future with Integrity+" was the theme of this annual gala, the everlasting pursuit of integrity has always been our top priority. As an international steel trading service provider, what we do is largely based on integrity, which lies in our internal and external communications, our firm belief in service excellence, and our continuing effort to build the future with steel+ for the past 15 years. At the end of 2020, we decided to further our understanding and practice of such integrity through the fun activity of "CUMIC Brainstorming" to discuss and present our ideas on integrity during the gala.


During the meeting, James Qian, President and CEO of CUMIC delivered an annual report of CUMIC which summarized the achievement in 2020, formulating the strategic goals for the upcoming year. "I would love to thank each of our colleagues for their professionalism and hard work, collaboration, and cooperation. Thumbs up to every one of us and each other! " Said James, who applauded the hard work and commitment of all colleagues in the difficult time of 2020. He then concluded his talk with best wishes to the CUMIC team. "We look forward to creating value and achieving growth together in the upcoming year." After the annual report, CUMIC management team awarded the employees who achieved stellar performance in all aspects of their work during 2020.

During the evening gala in this cozy and intimate space, some of our colleagues ignited everyone's enthusiasm through their original and talented performances. A wide range of shows such as stand-up comedy, original rap performance, talk show, medley of songs, karaoke, and lucky draw was favored by audiences on the scene with bursts of warm applause and cheers!

Let us work together to build the future with integrity in 2021!

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