6 Fascinating Ways Steel Stand in the Ocean

6 Fascinating Ways Steel Stand in the Ocean

Hey there! Have you ever thought about how steel has shaped our world in the ocean? From transforming shipbuilding techniques to protecting our cities and helping harness renewable energy, steel is truly the backbone of our marine endeavors. Dive in with us to discover how steel continues to drive progress and innovation in ways you might not expect!

The Evolution of Shipbuilding

In the past, shipbuilders crafted vessels from timber, but they could only stretch about 80 meters long. Fast forward to the 19th century, the industrial revolution rolled in, and iron became the new shipbuilding material. By the 1880s, steel took over, and ships started employing steam engines. USS Dolphin (PG-24) was the first ship built in the 1880s with steel hulls during the U.S. Navy’s transition from wood and sail to steel and steam. It featured hulls constructed of steel with relatively powerful steam engines but were also capable of operating under sail. Quite the transformation, right?


USS Dolphin (PG-24) was the first built in the 1880s with steel hulls and the latest in steam-propulsion technology. The successful conversion of Dolphin was a stepping stone for the construction of three larger steel-hulled, steam-propelled ships—Atlanta, Boston, and Chicago (NH 54532).

Flood Protection: Steel to the Rescue

Steel isn’t just for ships. It also helps protect our cities from floods. Take the Delta Works in the Netherlands, for example. This massive flood protection project features the world’s largest surge barrier -- the Oosterscheldekering. It’s 9 kilometers long and includes 62 steel doors, each a whopping 42 meters wide. Worthy of the name -- steel giant!


Building Homes for Marine Life

Ever heard of artificial reefs? These are man-made structures that provide homes for marine life. In Indonesia, ecologists are using electrically charged steel structures to create these reefs. The charge causes limestone to grow on the steel, forming reefs much faster than they would naturally. Plus, this method helps injured coral heal up to 20 times quicker. Mother Nature would be proud!


Tapping into Ocean Energy

Did you know the ocean holds a treasure trove of energy? Besides wind power, there’s also tidal energy, for instance, has the potential to generate nearly 26,000 TWh per year. Steel is a key player here, used in the construction of tidal turbines and wave energy devices. These structures need to withstand the harsh marine environment, and steel is up to the task, helping us move towards net-zero emissions by 2050.


Offshore Oil Rigs: Anchored by Steel

Last but not least, let’s not forget about offshore oil rigs. These giants of the sea rely heavily on steel for their construction. Steel’s strength and durability ensure that these rigs can withstand the tough marine environment, providing a reliable foundation for our energy needs.


Harnessing Nature: The Rise of Offshore Wind Power

Wind is a good source of electricity, thanks to those towering turbines. Europe leads the way, with Denmark's Vindeby being the first offshore wind farm in 1991. Not to be outdone, Asia is catching up quickly. Taiwan's Changhua Offshore Wind Farms, with 111 turbines and 900MW capacity, is set to be the largest in the region.


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