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[Life at CUMIC] The 2nd CUMIC Hiking Challenge

[Life at CUMIC] The 2nd CUMIC Hiking Challenge

Put on your back, organize your outfits, and let's start together! "12 years of Youth, Vitality for Youth" – The 2nd CUMIC Hiking Challenge was held at Shangqing ancient lane in Shaoxing, Zhejiang on May 19, 2018.

Shangqing Ancient lane which is named after Shangcao Village and Qingtan Village, is an important official road in ancient times. The ancient road is more refreshing and quiet after it has faded away from the bustle of the old days; the peaceful villages, the mottled old houses, the lush green bamboo forests, and the straight-edged fir... all become the ever-present scenery on the ancient lane.

This event is the second hiking challenge activity of CUMIC after the hiking of the Anhui-Hanzhou Ancient Road in 2016. During this event, participants needed to climb over three mountains, and it was raining on the way, and the road was slippery, which increased the difficulty of the challenge. But along the way, everyone encouraged, helped and supported each other and progressed towards the end. They eventually reached the finish line successfully, ushering in the moment of opening champagne and celebrating victory. At the team sharing and summary session, colleagues expressed that they have challenged themselves through this activity, deepened teamwork, and tempered their will, so they benefited greatly!

[Life at CUMIC] The 2nd CUMIC Hiking Challenge

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