Steel Plates: Basics, Benefits and Uses

Steel Plates: Basics, Benefits and Uses

1. What are Steel Plates

Steel plates are types of flat steels that can be cut and welded into finer products. As the high-temperature steel is rolled into a plate, the strength of the steel plate is given. Layer upon layer of steel is compressed and forged into a piece of steel until it reaches the appropriate dimensions

Steel plates are often used to reinforce foundations and support heavy items, such as bridges. At the same time, this material provides an important foundation for building larger structures and non-machinable parts.

The steel manufacturers are able to create the proper blend of materials to make a steel plate suitable for bridge building or skyscraper construction. Each use of steel plates is job-specific, where climate and temperature factors are crucial in the composition of steel.

2. The Benefits of Steel Plates

Steel plates are favored for their corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and the thickness range is much wider than ordinary steel sheets. Therefore, steel plates can be found in a large number of applications that require superstructure frames and indestructible durability.

In addition to common structural and construction purposes, these plates are also used in ships and barges or oil rigs and other offshore equipment known for their ability to withstand the tremendous pressure from the harshest marine environment.

Thanks to its durability, steel plates are particularly suitable for the manufacture of heavy machinery, making the service life of processing and wearable components longer.

Although steel plates are mainly used for reinforcement and support purposes, steel plates have proven to have a considerable degree of versatility.

3. Typical Uses of Steel Plates

Steel plates are known for their exceptional strength, fabricability and toughness, which makes them one of the most commonly utilized steel products in several sectors, including:

  • General structural parts

  • Pressure vessel / boiler

  • Wind tower

  • Marine and offshore equipment

  • Bridges and buildings

  • Pipeline

  • Reinforcing requirements

  • Various heavy equipment

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