2019 CUMIC Annual Gala: Build the Future with Steel +

2019 CUMIC Annual Gala: Build the Future with Steel +

With the theme of "Build the Future with Steel," the 2019 CUMIC Annual Meeting was held at the Portman Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai on January 26. Colleagues from overseas and within China were present and some of our business partners were invited.

The theme "Build the Future with Steel," together with the mission "Build the Future with Steel +" developed and refined in 2018, has demonstrated the wish and determination of CUMIC to offer the best products and services for our customers.

On the afternoon of January 26, during the meeting, James Qian, the Executive Director of CUMIC, first took the stage and delivered a report (which summarized the achievements and shortcomings of 2018 from an all-round management perspective), made plans and expressed hopes for the key works of 2019, and made clear the strategy system of CUMIC. He was followed by General Manager Jerry Zhang, who gave a detailed description of the business operation in 2018 and announced the performance goals and key works in 2019. Colleagues with extraordinary performance in 2018 were honored by the chief leaders of CUMIC during the awarding ceremony.

All attendees imagined life around the theme of "Steel and Life" and demonstrated the close connection between the two from six aspects. Fun, innovative, humorous, and relaxing, the live demonstrations were also rich in industrial knowledge and made the audience fully realize that steel was closely related to life.

The evening gala was enlivened by dancing, singing, talk shows, and other brilliant performances, which met with enthusiastic applause and cheers, and together with a surprising lucky draw, aroused round after round of great excitement in the audience.

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