5 Useful Steel Industry Websites You Should Follow

5 Useful Steel Industry Websites You Should Follow

1. worldsteel

The encyclopedia to the world of steel, and a must-follow for everyone in the industry.

Keywords: educational, authentic, all-rounder, high-quality content.

About: The World Steel Association (worldsteel) is a non-profit organization with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. worldsteel is one of the largest and most dynamic industry associations in the world, with members in every major steel-producing country. All of its blogs and publications are created by renowned industry experts, which cover a wide variety of issues relating to the steel industry. It also includes an online steel university where a wide range of e-courses and learning materials are free for everyone to access. Overall, worldsteel is the perfect starting point and all-rounder encyclopedia for anyone working in, buying from, selling to, investing in or just plain interested in the steel industry.

Social Media Presence: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube

2. fastmarket MB (Metal Bulletin)

More than a data provider.

Keywords: price, data, market intelligence & analysis.

About: fastmarket MB, previously known as Metal Bulletin, is one of the largest and oldest publishers and information providers in the global metals market. First founded in 1913 as a subscription newsletter, it grew to become one of the most important data sources and media outlets for metals. It provides valuable data and information for the metals market. Although some of the data (including price) is for subscription only, there is still much free-to-read content like steel industry news and columns.

Social Media Presence: Official LinkedIn Group, YouTube, Twitter


The best all-rounder guide you can find online for metal fabrication (extremely useful for service centers).

Keywords: fabrication, technical guides, hands-on, detailed.

About: The FABRICATOR is the official online publication website run by The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International® (FMA). The website has frequent updates with massive content for in over 30 categories written by experts, and there are even specialized publications for different fabrication techniques like The WELDER, The Tube & Pipe Journal, STAMPING Journal, etc.

Por cierto, ¡también está en español!

As the leading magazine for metal forming and steel fabricating, it delivers news, technical articles, and case histories that are closely associated with the steel fabrication business.

Social Media Presence: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube


A must-read for the European Steel Industry.

Keywords: EU, new industry trends, sustainability, online events.

About: Much like worldsteel, EUROFER (The European Steel Industry) is also a large authoritative steel industry association, but with a focus on Europe. With members from almost all the famous steel companies across the EU, EUROFER has a very active online presence with valuable data and content to help you understand the EU steel industry better. Massive amounts of publications, statistics, and fact-sheets provide readers with up-to-date insights. They also regularly hold high quality industry webinars. It’s the best official information source you can get if you’re located in Europe or doing business with the European steel industry.

Social Media Presence: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube

5. Nerds of Steel

Keywords: curated content, all-in-one.

About: The blog name pretty much sums it up: this is a professional blog, created by a group of enthusiastic steel professionals who call themselves “nerds of steel”, to write, curate, and share news articles and discussions revolving around everything important that's going on in the steel industry. Apart from original works, they also curate the most useful steel news from a variety of paid sources like AMM, Metal Bulletin, Platts, SteelGuru, SteelHome, The Financial Times, and Wall Street Journal.

Social Media Presence: Twitter

What is your go-to website or social media account for steel-related contents? Share your thoughts!

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