2022 H2 Global Steel Outlook Report

2022 H2 Global Steel Outlook Report


2022 H1 has been a wild ride for the global steel industry. The global economy, after more than two years ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, is experiencing yet another shock.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is adding to global steel supply chain disruptions, skyrocketing commodity prices, contributing to tighter financial conditions and heightening policy uncertainty; China's lockdown to curb the outbreak of Omicron, leading to a sharper than anticipated deceleration of the country's economy, while the steel production, distribution, and shipments were disrupted, resulting in lower global steel demand in 2022; The Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate by 75 basis points to curb 40-year-high CPI inflation, a move that equates to the most aggressive hike since 1994, bolstering expectations of a global economic recession...

As the year is now in its 3rd quarter, you might be wondering what the next half of the year will look like for the global steel industry? What will happen to global steel prices and demand amid uncertainty including unpredictable international conditions, increased downward pressure on advanced economies, and a resurgence of pandemics in the world's largest steel producer?

To create this report, our globally experienced team of industry experts sifted through billions of data points based on extensive credible sources and provided their exclusive market insights and prediction to help you win in 2022 H2.

This report includes:

  • Global Economy: Review and Prospects 2022-2024

  • Global Steel Market Review - a look back at 2022 H1 market activity

  • In-depth analysis of key market players: ASEAN, China, India, EU, US, Latin America

  • Steel demand and price outlook for 2022 H2

  • And more...

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