CUMIC Selected as Outstanding Case in CATIS's  Services Trading Development Report

CUMIC Selected as Outstanding Case in CATIS's Services Trading Development Report

In September 2021, CUMIC has been selected as outstanding case in a report issued by the China Association of Trade in Services (CATIS). This coveted recognition acknowledges CUMIC’s efforts to provide the highest quality services for customers by implementing a global business strategy.

In recent years, trade-in-service has become increasingly important in international trade, and China's services trade has grown rapidly in particular, as the national government has adopted a series of measures to expand the opening up of the services trade industry, vowing to further boost the sector to a higher level.


 2020 Report on China’s Development of Trade-in-Services

In this context, CATIS has published the ‘2020 Report on China’s Development of Trade-in-Services’ covering the research results of the country's industry experts and scholars on the development of China's service trade, which not only provides comprehensive analysis and insights on the sector, but also includes a list of case studies of Chinese service trading companies as support.

CUMIC's practice in 'pursuing service excellence by growing company globally' was listed in the report as it has been focusing on three aspects: expanding the global supply network, building a culturally diverse team, and globalization on organizational structure.


l  In a world where steel sourcing is becoming more and more complicated under new uncertainties, CUMIC has been engaging all types of top mills from China, India, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam to satisfy customers' needs for various applications in diverse sectors. Until now, CUMIC's supply footprint covers more than 70 countries and regions worldwide and has already provided high-quality solutions to over 1500 steel clients.

l  Internally, CUMIC believes in a diverse and inclusive culture that adapts to the transnational environment. Then to better serve customers across borders, CUMIC opened offices in over 10 countries & regions including the U.S, Canada, UAE, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Chile, Peru, Belgium, etc. with local experts.



Facing the new challenges and opportunities brought by the transformation of the steel industry, CUMIC always adheres to the vision of "Build the Future with Steel+" and has been playing an active role to connect the global steel supply chain. Looking ahead, CUMIC is striving to become a value-leading global steel service provider with exceptional services, innovative ideas, and a global vision. 

About CATIS:

CATIS is a national non-profit society established by the Ministry of Commerce, authorized by the State Council and registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs in 2007.With its separate legal personality, it is also the only trade-in-services industrial organization in China. It was established by the government under the strategic background to optimize the international trade structure and stressing the development of trade in services.

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