For Appliance Manufacturers: 3 Steel Solutions to Beat your Competitors in 2021

For Appliance Manufacturers: 3 Steel Solutions to Beat your Competitors in 2021

Home appliance manufacturing isn't easy. It's a constantly changing industry full of challenges and competition. Home appliance manufacturers, do you relate to these challenges?

Challenges That You're Probably Facing

· Affordable Durability: If there is only one thing that hasn't changed in this ever-changing industry, it is the need for durability (and at a low cost, too!).

· Visual Differentiation: Stainless steel, matte black, compact appliances... Fashion trends change every other day, and you've got to deliver the latest style before the consumers even know it

· Colour Consistency: I'm pretty sure nobody likes seeing inconsistent colours in their newly decorated kitchen.


We feel your pain, but the good news is that you can tackle these issues with a little help early on the supply chain.

Now let's see how the right selection of steel solutions can make your home appliance manufacturing business easier!

How the Choice of STEEL can be Your Game Changer

On average, 75% of the weight of a typical household appliance comes from steel.

The steel you use plays a vital role in determining the quality of the appliance. The manufacturing of house appliances involves up to dozens of varieties, while I'm going to talk about a few important ones in particular

Challenge - Affordable Durability

Solution - Cold Rolled Steel, Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel, and Alu-zinc Steel

They make up most parts of the appliance's external parts - such as the covers, panels, and base plates of washers, AC, and refrigerators, thanks to superior dimensional tolerances as well as surface finishes.

They also have great aesthetic value, making them ideal for making products that are used to attract consumer attention.

For durability, they have extraordinary hardness and strength that can easily make your products hold up for decades. More importantly, with a professional team of appliance steel experts at CUMIC Steel, your needs for the best material are sorted.

For affordability, you can always get the optimized steel solution, which goes through 3 stages of cost-reducing measures thanks to our vast service network of over 200 steel mills worldwide.


Challenge - Visual Differentiation

Solution - Enamelled Steel

Enamelled steel, now frequently used in home appliances, is a traditional material for modern living, a touch of luxury added to homes of a lighter and more environmentally conscious generation.

It is a product that meets very modern criteria of longevity, aesthetic qualities, hygiene and respect for the environment.

Enameled steel can be coloured in the mass in an unlimited range of colours, with a broad range of surface textures.

It is a product of state-of-the-art technology. While not that many steel mills have fully mastered the manufacturing process, the ones that do are the business partners of CUMIC.

In fact, 9 out of the top 10 steel-producing companies in the world are CUMIC's long-term suppliers, according to worldsteel.


Challenge - Colour Consistency

Solution - Prepainted Galvanized Steel (aka PPGI or Galvalume)

PPGI is a type of pre-coated steel that can be found on almost any colourful home appliances. Not only do they come in all sorts of colours, but they also have a remarkably long service life thanks to the layer of zinc coating!

Now, imagine the damage that inconsistent colours can do to your brand:

The products made from all over the world can be found on showroom floors, in someone's kitchen, and in commercial operations. If they don’t match, it shows a lack of attention to detail and quality. Consistency in colours says so much about your brand, but it's not that easy to control.

Why not control it from the first step, raw materials?

By the time you get the colour coated steel, an integrated supply chain has worked as one to ensure that all colours are matching and everything is in sync with the same standards:

Before production: CUMIC communicates with you to specify all requirements including colours, which will be entered into a strict agreement with the mill.

During production: CUMIC supervises the production process at the mills and conducts sampling inspections regularly for 100% matching colours.

For shipment: CUMIC engages globally known inspection organizations like SGS, BV, and Intertek to carry out strict inspection and recheck on all products again.

In fact, at CUMIC, over 1000 third-party inspection reports are provided, and over 55% of our orders have gone through such strict inspections.

From carefully crafted colour coated steels made in top-tier steel mills, to your customers' kitchens, the colours stay the same, and so will your brand image.


Want to Learn More?

Not sure what grades are the best for your products? Need help with optimizing steel solutions for your home appliance business? We've got you covered!

CUMIC Steel Limited, active in the world of integrated steel solutions for over 15 years, is specialised in supplying home appliance steels. We know steel, and we know appliances.

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