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Challenges in Pickling and Cold Rolling of High-Strength Steels

Challenges in Pickling and Cold Rolling of High-Strength Steels

1.Challenges in Pickling of High-Strength Steel

High-strength steel, especially ultra-high-strength hot-rolled steel, is more sensitive to temperature due to the thickness and characteristics of its surface oxide scale. In addition, due to the difficulty of stretching and straightening elongation to meet the requirements, these have led to some problems in pickling.

High-strength steel also encounters welding challenges, mainly due to its low formability, which may cause edge cracks, and may even lead to difficulties in trimming and chipping.

In addition, the high content of alloying elements in high-strength steel may also reduce the purity and magnetic properties of iron oxide powder on its surface.

2. Challenges in Cold Rolling of High-Strength Steel

First of all, due to the high alloy content, this may increase the difficulty of welding high-strength steel, which means that the weld is more likely to crack or even break.

Secondly, due to its high strength, large rolling force, and fast hardening, this may also cause overloading of the rolling mill. As a result, the amount of rolling deformation has to be reduced and the rolling speed needs to be slowed down. Moreover, high-strength steel is prone to slip, fracture, poor deformation, and even breakage during the cold rolling process.

Third, due to the large range of mechanical properties and thickness specifications of high-strength steel, the thickness of full hard materials also fluctuates greatly. In view of this, in the cold rolling process, excessive rolling force will cause severe roll bending, large cross-sectional convexity, severe edge drop, roll burst, and even roll breakage of full hard materials.


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