China's CRNGO Steel: An Industry Overview

China's CRNGO Steel: An Industry Overview

Non-oriented silicon steel, CRNGO, is pivotal in various sectors, including power generation, transmission, distribution, and a wide array of electric drive products. Its applications span from industrial machinery and electric vehicles to household appliances and HVAC systems. Given its extensive use, the evolution of the CRNGO industry is crucial amidst the global shift towards sustainable energy. In 2023, China's CRNGO steel industry adeptly navigated market fluctuations, focusing on quality improvement and sustainability. Despite challenges like declining profits and heightened competition, the sector remains dedicated to adopting cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. This dedication positions China's CRNGO sector as a key player in the global transition to more sustainable and efficient energy solutions.

2023: A Milestone Year for Capacity Growth

By 2023, China boasts 27 steel mills capable of producing CRNGO, with 7 of these also equipped to manufacture CRGO. The production volume reached 12.04 million tons that year, an 8.13% increase from 2022. With new production lines expanding, domestic capacity for CRNGO is expected to hit between 14.5 and 16 million tons by 2025 or 2026.

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Upgrading Manufacturing Trends for Sustainable Future

The strategic enhancement of CRNGO is a pivotal element of China's 2024 development agenda, focusing on elevating performance, grade, and thickness standards while advocating for low-carbon and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.


This push towards stringent production standards is in response to a growing demand, particularly underscored by the global surge in electric vehicle (EV) production. EVs require drive motors that are not only reliable and performant but also compact and highly efficient, necessitating a high-power density to accommodate the limited space and battery size constraints. These requirements have spurred research and development in high-grade CRNGO steel, aiming for materials that offer high saturation magnetic flux density, superior magnetic induction, low energy loss (especially at medium frequencies between 400 and 1500 Hz), excellent mechanical and fatigue resistance, great manufacturability, and cost-effectiveness.


A testament to these efforts is the notable increase in China's production of high-grade CRNGO steel specifically for EV applications, which saw a remarkable growth of 909,500 tons, marking a 43.64% increase from the previous year. This growth reflects the significant strides being made in the field, as China continues to adapt and innovate in response to the demands of the global automotive market.


Diverse Grades for Diverse Applications

CRNGO grades are typically classified by iron loss values, with lower iron loss indicating higher quality. This classification caters to diverse applications. Below is a summary of CUMIC's regularly supplied grade range for different applications:

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Home Appliance: The demand for CRNGO steel in home appliances is driven by its efficiency in motor operation within air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. Preferred grades include 50W1300、50W1000、50W800、50W600、50W470、50W350、35W270、35W230、35W210, selected for their balance of performance and cost.


Industrial Motor: These applications require steel grades like 50W800、50W600、 50W470、50W350、50W300, chosen for their high magnetic efficiency and durability in demanding operational environments, optimizing energy savings and longevity.


Power Generation: High-grade CRNGO such as 50W350 is essential for large power generation units, while the wind power industry often opts for grades like 50W600, reflecting the specific needs of each energy sector.




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