Bukit Timah Canal Drainage Improvement Project

Bukit Timah Canal Drainage Improvement Project

Bukit Timah Canal Drainage Improvement Project

Product: H Beam S355JR, HRP S355J0+N

Quantity: 418 MT

Location: Singapore

Project Story

We are thrilled to announce our contribution in the Bukit Timah Canal Drainage Improvement Project in Singapore, a crucial initiative aimed at enhancing flood resilience in response to the escalating challenges posed by climate change and rapid urban development. This project is a collaboration with the national water agency PUB, marking a significant step forward in managing flood risks and urban planning in one of Singapore's most flood-prone areas.

In this project, we supplied 324 tonnes of H Beam S355JR and 94 tonnes of Hot Rolled Steel Plate S355J0+N. These materials were specifically chosen for their high strength and durability, which are essential for the structural integrity of the canal improvements, ensuring they can withstand the harsh environmental conditions and meet the operational demands of this critical infrastructure.

Originally constructed in 1972, the canal needed enhancements due to the increased frequency of intense rainfall. The project, costing approximately $300 million, involved upgrading a 3.2 km stretch of the Bukit Timah First Diversion Canal, which enables the canal to handle 30% more rainwater, significantly improving urban safety.

Hot Rolled Steel Plate & H Beam

Strength and Durability: Crucial for maintaining the canal’s structure against intense weather conditions.

Flexibility in Application: Allows for precise customization to meet the specific engineering requirements of the project.

Resistance to Corrosion: Enhances the longevity and maintenance of the canal structures, ensuring they remain effective for decades.

Robust Structural Support: Provides the necessary reinforcement to the canal, pivotal for its expanded water diversion capacity.

This project not only demonstrates our ability to meet the high standards of major infrastructure projects but also our commitment to supporting significant advancements in engineering and environmental management. We look forward to continuing to support essential developments that enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability in infrastructure worldwide.