Chile BioBío Railway Bridge building project

Chile BioBío Railway Bridge building project

Chile BioBío Railway Bridge building project

Product: Hot-rolled Plate

Quantity: 2975 MT

Location: Chile

Project Story

We are thrilled to announce our role in the Chile BioBío Railway Bridge building project, a major infrastructure initiative designed to alleviate the freight transportation pressure between BioBío and Santiago. This project is a significant step forward in enhancing transportation efficiency and connectivity in the region, with trains expected to travel at speeds of up to 100 KM/H.

In this bridge building, we supplied various hot rolled steel plates, including HRP ASTM A36, ASTM A572 GR.50, and ASTM A709 GR.50. These materials were specifically chosen for their high strength and durability, essential for the structural integrity of the railway bridge and tunnel, ensuring they can withstand the operational demands and harsh environmental conditions of this critical infrastructure.

The railway bridge features two tracks, each spanning 1883 meters in length, with a tunnel section approximately 320 meters long. Constructed in 2022, it’s expected to be completed date in 2025. The project also promotes the use of rail transport, which is more environmentally friendly compared to road transport. This will help reduce carbon emissions, traffic congestion, and wear and tear on road infrastructure.

Our Bridge Building Structural Steel Plate:

High strength yet light weight: Support great stress, allowing bridges to carry heavy loads while being easier to handle, providing flexibility in design and construction.

Flexibility in Application: Allows for precise customization to meet the specific engineering requirements of the project.

Resistance to Corrosion: Enhances the longevity of the bridge and tunnel structures, ensuring they remain effective for decades.

Robust Structural Support: Provides the necessary reinforcement to the railway infrastructure, pivotal for its expanded transportation capacity.

The Chile BioBío Railway Bridge building project stands as a testament to our dedication to supporting significant advancements in engineering and transportation management. Choosing CUMIC, you are partnering with a trusted steel supplier that delivers superior products, reliable service, and unparalleled expertise. Whether your project is big or small, local or international, we are here to support your success with top-tier steel solutions.