CR102-Bored Tunnel project

CR102-Bored Tunnel project

CR102-Bored Tunnel project

Product: H BEAM S355JR

Quantity: 302 MT

Location: Singapore

Project Story

We are thrilled to share our role in the CR102-Bored Tunnel project in Singapore, a pivotal part of the future 50-km Cross Island Line (CRL). This project, which will be the longest fully underground rail line in Singapore, showcases innovation in infrastructure and our commitment to delivering solutions that support such groundbreaking endeavors.

In late 2023, CUMIC supplied 302 tons of H BEAM S355JR for this ambitious project. The project consists of the design and construction of tunnels connecting Aviation Park station to Changi East Depot for Cross Island Line (CRL).  In the construction, four Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) shield machines meticulously carved out paths through a variety of terrains and obstacles, including temporary aircraft taxiways, aviation park roads, canals, drainage pipes, and other significant public infrastructures.

The CR102-Bored Tunnel project, part of Singapore's Cross Island Line, will greatly enhance city connectivity, reduce commute times, and boost economic growth. It promises environmental benefits by lowering reliance on private vehicles, thus improving air quality. Additionally, it fosters social integration and represents Singapore's commitment to sustainable and future-focused urban planning.


Durability and Strength: H BEAM S355JR, known for its robustness, was crucial in ensuring the stability and longevity of the tunnel structures. In an environment where precision and endurance are paramount, steel beams provide the necessary support for engineering work.

Lightweight: Despite their impressive strength, steel beams are surprisingly light, especially in comparison to alternatives like concrete. This makes them easier and cheaper to transport and handle on-site.

Customization Flexibility: One of the appealing features of steel beams is the ability to have them tailored to specific dimensions, allowing for more creative and precise architectural designs.

Resilient Against Corrosion and Fire: Steel beams offer excellent resistance to both corrosion and fire, increasing their longevity and making them suitable for a variety of environmental conditions.

As the CR102 project progresses, CUMIC remains dedicated to global projects that embody innovation and resilience. More than supplying materials, our participation in the CR102-Bored Tunnel project is about being part of a visionary project that pushes the boundaries of urban development and infrastructure.