Changhua Offshore Wind Energy Project

Changhua Offshore Wind Energy Project

Changhua Offshore Wind Energy Project

Product: HRP S355M

Quantity: 450MT

Location: South Korea

Project Story

We are overjoyed to have played a significant role in a transformative project that is reshaping the renewable energy landscape in Changhua, Taiwan. From May to August of 2023, CUMIC successfully supplied 450MT of HRP for Changhua Offshore Wind Energy Project. The project's magnitude and its potential impact on the environment and the community fill us with immense pride.

The Changhua Offshore Wind Energy Project is a part of the broader mission to harness wind energy with Changhua 1&2a Offshore Wind Far anticipated to be fully operational this year, boasting an impressive installed capacity of 900MW. It aims to establish a sustainable energy source for the region, reflecting unwavering commitment to sustainable energy solutions and ensuring a cleaner environment for the citizens.

HRP-S355M-Wind Turbine Steel Plate

HRP, especially S335M, also known as wind turbine steel plate is particularly built to withstand environmental factors. Its superior strength ensures that the turbine structures can withstand the constant stresses and strains exerted by high winds, making them durable and resistant to wear and tear. The excellent formability of HRP allows manufacturers to shape and mold turbine components with precision, ensuring optimal aerodynamic performance. The smoother surface finish of HRP is not just about aesthetics; it reduces air resistance, ensuring that the turbine blades can rotate smoothly and efficiently as well.

Our client's vision of creating a sustainable energy source for Changhua and its surrounding regions is truly commendable. We are privileged to be a part of the Project, contributing to fostering a sustainable future. Collaborating with a partner who echoes our values has been an enriching experience. We are confident that our collective endeavors are paving the way for a greener tomorrow!