Jinfei-Maritim 5-Star Apartment Hotel Project

Jinfei-Maritim 5-Star Apartment Hotel Project

Jinfei-Maritim 5-Star Apartment Hotel Project

Product: BS 4449 GRADE B500C Rebar

Quantity: 3200 MT

Location: Mauritius

Project Story

From January to August 2021, CUMIC has supplied a total of over 1600 MT of BS 4449 grade B500C rebar from Turkish Long steel producer Diler Iron & Steel Company INC. to the Maritim's third hotel in Mauritius, for the construction work of hotel structure. Invested by China Shanxi Investments Group Co Ltd, this new apartment hotel is expected to be operational in 2024 to the tune of some Rs 2,6 billion. A total of 3,200 tons of rebars will be used for this iconic hotel project supplied by CUMIC.

This new hotel will be located in the Jin Fei Smart City within the Mauritius Jin Fei Economic Trade and Cooperation Zone. As China's first Free Trade Area with an African country, the completed China-Mauritius free trade area will not only inject new impetus into the consolidation of Africa-China friendship, but will also help further expand bilateral trade and investment exchanges.

As an ideal material choice in the construction sector, rebar offers many unique benefits:

  • The cross ribs on the bars enhance the bond between the bars and the concrete, thereby increasing the resistance to bending the building

  • Make a further compressive strength of the building

  • Effectively enhance the stability of the building to against disasters such as earthquakes

The Maritim hotel will comprise 16-floor twin towers, linked by a 60m flyover with a swimming pool, thus the whole structure will have high stability requirements for material selection. B500C Rebar not only has common features of rebar in standard BS 4449, but also has better ductility than B500B, and plays an important role in improving the stability of the hotel structure.


Note: Believe it or not, the rugby ball-looking contours of twin towers are inspired by the winning of South Africa to the Rugby World Cup 2019!