Equinor Bacalhau - Mooring System Project I&II

Equinor Bacalhau - Mooring System Project I&II

Equinor Bacalhau - Mooring System Project I&II

Product: S355G10+N - Offshore Steel Plate (EN10225)

Quantity: 890 MT

Location: Singapore

Project Story

We are proud to announce that our 890 tons of S355G10+N grade offshore steel plate produced from Wuyang Iron and Steel will soon be delivered to Singapore, the material will be used for the construction of SOFEC's new mooring system project.

In 2020, SOFEC, the leader in the development and supply of Single-Point Mooring (SPM) systems, announced its Mooring System Projects I&II, CUMIC had the honor to supply 890 MT of Offshore Steel Plates in grade S355G10+N sourced from Wuyang Iron and Steel, for the construction work of the main mooring pad eye of the suction piles.

Mooring Systems are designed to transfer water, gas, oil, and condensate, for water depths ranging from 30 meters to 1,500 meters. Suction piles are the main foundation system for offshore engineering projects worldwide. Once the suction piles are in position, the friction between the pile and the soil will hold them in place, which can resist both vertical and horizontal forces.

As the vital material for the marine engineering sector, steel plays a pivotal role in the manufacture of offshore structures. However, deep-water developments can be very demanding on materials selection in these areas as all activities must be very safe and reliable under extremely severe sea conditions. S355G10+N steel plate is a normalized structural steel plate. With its excellent toughness and weldability, it is especially suitable for marine structures and can be continuously operated under severe sea conditions.